my grand-nephew Kyle

my grand-nephew Kyle

I am writing this post just following a series of secret shopper calls to Atlanta area dental practices.  My mission was simply to gauge the responses to “How much do you charge for a crown?”

I can summarize the results very easily – they were all the same.  Out of 10 offices called, not a single practice asked me my name.  No one asked me how I heard about them, and NOT ONE ASKED ME TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT.

Fee answers were typical, some seemed stressed by the question,  a few gave a range, some gave the fee directly.  Some included what they won’t do in the insurance discussion and one that only does all-porcelain crowns quoted a gingivectomy fee (not sure the average caller knows what that is).

As a rule I don’t give fees over the phone, but I can live with it as long as there is a genuine effort made to build rapport and the patient is ASKED to come to the office.  EVEN IF IT IS A FREE CONSULTATION.

I want to encourage you to “begin at the beginning” as you ramp up your efforts to increase new patient growth.  Make sure your message is always warm and inviting before you get down to the brass tacks of a business discussion.  This is a fundamental rule of marketing that can never be overlooked. 

In our new marketing environment,  I would much rather waste my time on a free consultation than give fee discounts or spend thousands on direct mail campaigns.  Remember, every time you meet someone, the odds of meeting  family, friends and co-workers are dramatically increased.   A great referral always begins with a great experience.   and…

A ringing phone is an opportunity.

In Pursuit of Harmony

Debbie Druey

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